• Carleton listing.jpg


    Three-storey vertical garden at Carleton University in Ottawa.

  • Riverbed garden Holiday Inn Lisbon listing.jpg

    Holiday Inn Continental - Riverbed garden

  • Jardim-vertical_Tisseur_logo.jpg


  • Hotel-hotel-jardim-vertical2.jpg

    Hotel Hotel

    Three plant sculptures and a vertical garden at a new hotel in Lisbon.

  • danderyd listing.jpg

    Danderyds Hospital

    Green wall at a hospital.

  • Skygarden_Vertical-Garden-Design_Pedrita_Portugal_Lisboa_3.jpg


    Hanging plant ceiling in Lisbon office.

  • Loewe_Vertical-Garden-Design_London_2.jpg

    Loewe London

    Vertical garden for Loewe in London.

  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_1.jpg

    Mobile vertical gardens

    Four mobile vertical gardens for events and photo shoots.

  • Uria-Menendez_Vertical-Garden-Design_Workingarden_Portugal_Lisboa_3.jpg

    Uría Menéndez

    Vertical garden in the lobby of a law firm.

  • Nap-York_Vertical-Garden-Design_New-York_1.jpg

    Nap York

    Vertical garden for Nap York in New York.

  • Loewe_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardin-vertical_Madrid_Espana_1.jpg

    Loewe Madrid

    Vertical gardens at Loewe in Madrid.

  • Oslo airport_listing.jpg

    Oslo Airport II

    Vertical gardens at Oslo Airport

  • Hotel-Don-Juan_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardin-vertical_Espana_2.jpg

    Hotel Don Juan

    Two vertical gardens in a hotel restaurant.

  • Organic space_Vertical-Garden-Design_living-wall_Johannesburg_South-Africa_1.jpg

    Organic Space

    Two interior vertical gardens in Johannesburg.

  • The-Zone_Vertical-Garden-Design_Johannesburg_South-Africa_1.jpg


    VGD'S first project in South Africa.

  • Casa-Alda_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Portugal_1.jpg

    Casa Alda

    Outdoor vertical garden at a private house in Lisbon.

  • Riyadh-Metro-Station_Vertical-Garden-Design_Saudi-Arabia-1.jpg

    Riyadh Metro Station

    800m2 of vertical gardens inside a metro station.

  • Hotel-Kungstradgarden_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Living-wall_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg

    Hotel Kungsträdgården

    Two 15m high walls in a hotel.

  • Espaco Espelho_Vertical Garden Design_Lisbon Portugal_1.jpg

    Espaço Espelho d'Água

    A 113m2 interior wall in a Lisbon restaurant and concert venue.

  • Superstudio_Vertical-Garden-Design_Dubai_UAE_1.jpg


    A compact vertical garden with lots of Rhipsalis.

  • Stockholms-sjukhem_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg

    Stockholms Sjukhem

    A vertical garden in the conservatory of Stockholm Sjukhem.

  • Skanska-Dagbladet_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Malmo_Sverige_1.jpg


    A 10m high vertical garden in Malmö with many aroids.

  • Replay_Vertical-Garden-Design_Beijing_China_1.jpg


    Our first vertical garden in China.

  • Oslo-airport-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_1.jpg

    Oslo Airport

    Vertical gardens in the Heinemann Duty Free Shop at Gardermoen.

  • Villa-Cascais_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_1.jpg

    Villa Cascais

    Three outdoor vertical gardens for a private house in Portugal.

  • Loewe_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardin-vertical_Barcelona_Espana_1.jpg

    Loewe Barcelona

    Four walls of of vertical garden around a courtyard.

  • Quality-Hotel_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_1.jpg

    Quality Hotel Expo

    Two vertical gardens for a new hotel in Oslo.

  • Stockholmsmassan_Stockholm-International-Fairs_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_3.jpg

    Stockholm International Fairs

    Vertical gardens at the main congress center in Stockholm

  • Malmo-Hogskola_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Malmo_Sverige_1.jpg


    Three green walls at Malmö University.

  • Replay_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardin-vertical_Espana_1.jpg

    Replay Barcelona Interior

    Indoor vertical garden in Replay’s Barcelona flagship.

  • Replay_Outside_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardin-vertical_Espana_1.jpg

    Replay Barcelona Exterior

    Outdoor vertical garden in a small patio.

  • EDP_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Porto_Portugal_3.jpg

    EDP Porto

    Vertical garden in the new EDP store in Porto.

  • Pavilion_Vertical-Garden-Design_Dubai_UAE_1.jpg

    The Pavilion Downtown Dubai

    Indoor vertical garden in a cultural center in Dubai.

  • Fabege_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_2.jpg


    Vertical garden at Fabege’s office in Solna, Stockholm.

  • Kv-Rotterdam_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg

    Kv Rotterdam

    Two vertical gardens in a building entrance.

  • Thelma-Louise_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg


    Vertical garden in an office in Stockholm.

  • Natura-Towers_Interior_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_1.jpg

    Natura Towers Interior

    A vertical garden with a waterfall.

  • Restrooms_Stockholmsmassan_Stockholm-International-Fairs_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg


    Two living walls in the restrooms.

  • Natura-Towers_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_3.jpg


    Three green walls around a public square at MSF’s new headquarter.

  • King-Abdulaziz-Center-of-Knowledge-and-Culture_Vertical-Garden-Design_Saudi-Arabia.jpg

    King Abdulaziz Center of Knowledge and Culture

    Consulting project with Snøhetta for their Saudi Arabia project.

  • Casa-Estoril_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Portugal_1.jpg

    Casa Estoril

    Private residence a with vertical garden on the north facade.

  • Replay_Vertical-Garden-Design_giardino-verticale_Italia_1.jpg

    Replay Florence

    Vertical garden for Replay's concept store in Florence.

  • Smaa-Hus_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Sverige_1.jpg


    Green wall in a reception area.

  • LADP_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg


    A vertical garden for the office of LADP.

  • AstraZeneca_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Sverige_1.jpg

    Astra Zeneca

    Two vertical gardens in the entrance of a new office building.

  • Cafe-Royale_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_1.jpg

    Café Royale

    Vertical garden in the patio of a café in Chiado, Lisbon.

  • Rica-Hotel_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_2.jpg

    Rica Talk Hotel

    Two vertical gardens at a hotel in Stockholm.