Organic Space


Two vertical gardens in an office entrance and lounge in Johannesburg. The walls are planted with a few South African plants, like Asparagus, Chlorophytum, Streptocarpus and Plecanthrus as well as Anthurium, Philodendron, Cyrtomium, Begonia, Nephrolepis, Pteris, Chamaedorea, Aglanoema, Scindapsus, Monstera, Asplenium, Ficus and Peperomia.

  • Vertical garden in the office lounge.
  • Organic-space_Vertical-Garden-Design_living-wall_Johannesburg_South-Africa_2.jpg
  • Organic-space_Vertical-Garden-Design_living-wall_Johannesburg_South-Africa_3.jpg
  • Vertical garden by the office reception.
  • Organic-space_Vertical-Garden-Design_living-wall_Johannesburg_South-Africa_6.jpg