Mobile vertical gardens

Four mobile vertical gardens designed to function individually or in a group, with a subtle pattern flowing from one wall to the other. The plant selection was for a shadowed Mediterranean climate, but the majority of plants does well also in moderate sun exposure. Made in 2018 with our distributor in Barcelona, Plantikum.

  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_1.jpg
  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_2.jpg
  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_3.jpg
  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_4.jpg
  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_5.jpg
  • Mobile_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantikum_Barcelona_6.jpg