Rica Talk Hotel

Installed in 2006 the two vertical gardens at the hotel covers a similar area on the first (restaurant) and second (conference) floor. The plant surface has several openings to restrooms and office area.


The plant material is varied, with ferns like PolypodiumPterisNephrolepis and Polystichum, several aroids, a few bromeliads, and many species of Begonia. All in all there is about a hundred species and cultivars on these two walls.


Architects: Marge Arkitekter & Ripellino Arkitekter

  • Rica-Hotel_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_1.jpg

    The first floor vertical garden in the restaurant.

  • Rica-Hotel_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Stockholm_Sverige_2.jpg

    Nephrolepis, Philodendron, Pilea, Polypodium, Ludisia, Anthurium, Asparagus and Begonia are some of the plants in this part of the  garden.