Oslo Airport II

Vertical gardens integrated in the display furniture at the Heinemann Duty Free Shop. Designed by Snøhetta, the shop's design concept is an abstract display of Norway's nature.


The vertical garden have been planted with mainly small growing plants to create a compact greenery following the shape of the furniture. For example the Rhipsalis cassutha, an epiphytic cacti with an almost grass like appearance. Blended into the even greenery is a few accent plants, such as begonias with colorful leaves and streptocarpus varieties with abundant flowering. Installed in 2017.

Architect: Snøhetta

Client: Travel Retail Norway

  • Oslo-airport-II-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_1.jpg

    The vertical garden behind the glassed area of the shop.

  • Oslo-airport-II-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_2.jpg

    The plants blend in with the irregularly shaped furniture.

  • Oslo-airport-II-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_3.jpg

    The vertical garden positioned along different levels of the furniture.

  • Oslo-airport-II-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_4.jpg

    Small and compact plants like Rhipsalis cassutha and Ficus pumila are well suited for this thin stripe of planting area

  • Oslo-airport-II-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_5.jpg

    A Streptocarpus flowering.

  • Oslo-airport-II-Gardermoen_Vertical-Garden-Design_Plantevegg_Oslo_Norge_6.jpg