Natura Towers Interior

Located in the main entrance of MSF's office, the garden is split in two by a waterfall over black slate. The base consists of plants as Philodendron, Scindapsus, Pteris, Peperomia and Davallia. The tropical touch given by the waterfall is emphasized by some larger aroids like Philodendron ‘Burle Marx’Philodendron giganteum and Anthurium veitchii. Installed in 2009.


Architect: GJP Arquitectos

  • Natura-Towers_Interior_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_1.jpg

    The large leaved Philodendron giganteum takes a few year to develop into this size.

  • Natura-Towers_Interior_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_2.jpg

    This interior vertical garden gets a lot of natural light thanks to the large windows. 

  • Natura-Towers_Interior_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_3.jpg

    The vertical garden at night.

  • Natura-Towers_Interior_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_4.jpg

    Sitting space in front of plants and waterfall.

  • Natura-Towers_Interior_Vertical-Garden-Design_Jardim-vertical_Lisboa_Portugal_5.jpg

    A vertical garden changes over the years just like any garden. While some plants may disappear others grow bigger and take their place.