Astra Zeneca

These walls are located in the entrance area of an office and research building of AstraZeneca in Södertälje. Facing each other the walls create a interesting resting area between the main entrance and an atrium. 


The right wall has some fields with very small-leafed plants, such as Pilea glauca and Peperomia rotundifolia and a few bigger accent plants. The left wall has some flowering anthuriums and bromeliads. 

Architect: Lomar Arkitekter



  • AstraZeneca_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Sverige_2.jpg

    Parts of the wall was made with small-leaved plants, creating a moss-like surface.

  • AstraZeneca_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Sverige_1.jpg

    The lounge between the vertical gardens.

  • AstraZeneca_Vertical-Garden-Design_Vaxtvagg_Sverige_3.jpg

    Ferns, aroids, peperomias and begonias make up part of this wall.