• Dolomites icon.jpg


    Some photos from a recent visit to the Dolomites.

  • Picos de Europa_ listing.jpg

    Picos de Europa

    Images from this summers visit to Picos de Europa in northern Spain.

  • 11 Gomantong.jpg

    Caves & Tawau Hills National Park

    Visiting Madai and Gomantong caves in eastern Sabah and a natural reserve close to Tawau.

  • 8 Mt Kinabalu_Impatiens sp.jpg

    Mt Kinabalu

    Some walks around Mt Kinabalu.

  • Maliau basin_listing.jpg

    Maliau basin

    Visiting Maliau basin in December 2019.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Taiwan_Yushan-Landscape-list.jpg


    Visiting the east coast of Taiwan in February.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Okinawa_Farfugium.jpg


    A few images from Okinawa, Japan.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Spain_Picos-de-europa_Landscape.jpg

    Picos de Europa

    Limestone peaks in northern Spain.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Madeira-9.jpg


    Levadas and vertical landscapes on Madeira's north coast.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_South-Africa_Drakensberg_2.jpg


    Visiting Drakensberg, South Africa in November 2015.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_South-Africa_Tsitsikamma_list.jpg

    Tsitsikamma & Dwesa-Cwebe

    Coastal forests on the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Japan_2.jpg

    Southern Japan

    A few images from a summer visit.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Alpes_Rhododendron-ferrugineum.jpg


    Somewhere in the swiss Alpes.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Costa-Rica_Philodendron-verrucosum-list.jpg

    Costa Rica

    Visiting Costa Rica in winter 2014.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_florida_big-cedar-Nephrolepis.jpg


    A few images from Big Cypress National Preserve in January 2013.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_India_Uttarakhand-Munsyari.jpg


    Dehli to Munsyari.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Norge_Saxifraga.jpg


    In and around Hardangervidda, Norway.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Spain_Garganta-verde_1.jpg

    Garganta verde

    Canyon in Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park, Andalucía.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Spain_Cap-de-creus_Armeria ruscinonensis.jpg

    Cap de Creus

    Spring time flowering in a rocky landscape.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_China_Wulingyuan_1.jpg


    Sandstone pillars in Hunan Province.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_China_Shanqing-Shan-1.jpg

    Sanqing Shan

    Mountain scenery in Jiangxi Province

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_China_Li-River_landscape2.jpg

    Li River

    Karst landscape in southern China.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_Wayqecha_Bromeliads2.jpg


    Cloud forest in southeastern Peru.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_amazon-to-andes-view-list.jpg


    Visiting the Peruvian Amazon.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_Cordillera-Blanca_Bromeliads_list.jpg

    Cordillera Blanca

    High altitude bromeliads.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Catalunya-list.jpg


    Some photos from around Catalunya.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-Geranium.jpg


    Summer greenery above the Artic Circle.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Sintra_Hedychium.jpg

    Serra de Sintra

    Some native and exotic plants from the lush forests and parks of Sintra.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_France_Calanques_3.jpg

    Les Calanques

    Springtime visit to this natural area outside of Marseille.