26 Jun 2010


Los Amigos is Amazon Conservation's Biological Station located in lowland Amazonian forest at the base of Peru’s southern Andes. Having the chance to spend a month here was a great oportunity to see plants and wildlife.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_Madre-de-Dios.jpg

    Travelling to CICRA takes 6-7 hours along the Madre de Dios.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_Madre-de-Dios2.jpg

    One of the many gold miners along the river.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_amazon-to-andes-view.jpg

    During dry season there are sometimes coldspells when temperatures drop below 10C. Visibility can be particularly good then allowing to see all the way from the lowland Amazon to the peaks of the Andes.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_aroid2.jpg

    An epiphytic aroid high up on the trunk.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_aroids3.jpg

    Smaller aroids onthe trunk of a fallen tree.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_peperomia.jpg

    Peperomia sp.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA aroid.jpg

    Aroid roots looking for something to grip on to.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_Geogenanthus.jpg

    Geogenanthus poeppigii.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_landscape2.jpg

    In the afternoon.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_landscape1.jpg

    In the morning.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_canopy.jpg

    From the canopy tower.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_wildlife.jpg

    Flying by the canopy tower.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_wildlife3.jpg
  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_wildlife4.jpg

    Bullet ants.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_wildlife5.jpg
  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Peru_CICRA_wildlife6.jpg
  • CICRA.