Jul 10 2010


The Lofoten archipelago in northern Norway lies well above the Arctic Circle. Considering the northern location the climate is still rather mild, thanks to the Gulf Stream. According to Wikipedia it’s actually the most northern location where average temperature stay above freezing level for the whole year.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-1.jpg

    Hillside vegetation.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-Geranium.jpg

    Geranium sylvatica.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-Viola-palustris.jpg

    Viola palustris.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-Rhodiola-rosea.jpg

    Rhodiola rosea.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-5.jpg

    Dactylorhiza sp.

  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-2.jpg
  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-6.jpg
  • Field-trip_Vertical-Garden-Design_Lofoten-7.jpg

    Scenery over Torneträsk while arriving to Lofoten from Sweden.