Caves & Tawau Hills National Park

June 26, 2020



The limestone outcrops scattered around Sabah host many kinds of begonias. Access is not always easy but where cave tourism is present there are at least a few paths for access. 



  • 1 Tawau asplenium.jpg

    Asplenium in the tree tops.

  • 2 Tawau Piper porphyrophyllum.jpg

    Piper porphyrophyllum

  • 3 Tawau begonia.jpg

    Begonia sp.

  • 4 Tawau Dipteris lobbiana.jpg

    Dipteris lobbiana is an unusual looking fern adapted to grow in fast flowing streams.

  • 5 Tawau Nephrolepis.jpg

    Nephrolepis sp. by a waterfall.

  • 6 Tawau alocasia sp.jpg

    Alocasia sp. on a river bed.

  • 7 Tawau fern sulphur.jpg

    Fern next to a stream from a sulphurous spring.

  • 8 Tawau buttress root.jpg

    Buttress root with climbers.

  • 9 Tawau begonia.jpg

    Terrestrial begonias.

  • 10 Tawau aroid.jpg


  • 11 Gomantong.jpg

    Swallow nest harvest in Gomantong caves. Two people balancing on a suspended ladder below the cave ceiling with the one on the top scouting with a flash light and pulling down the nests.

  • 12 Begonia Gomantong.jpg

    Begonia sp., Gomantong caves.

  • 13. Madai Begonia madaiensis.jpg

    Begonia madaiensis, Madai caves.

  • 14 Madai fern.jpg

    Fern, Madai caves.

  • 15 Tawau.jpg
  • 16 Tawau Pandanus.jpg

    Pandanus sp.