Vertical garden

With 20 years of experience in vertical gardening we have the expertise to deliver solutions that lasts on any scale. We assist clients with every step from planning to design, installation and maintenance. With a strong focus on plants we strive for planting designs with low maintenance, plant diversity and year around natural beauty.


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A trusted system for vertical gardens

Our vertical gardens can be installed indoors and outdoors, and made in any shape and size. The lightweight planting system is manufactured from quality materials that last and comes with automatic irrigation and fertilization. With a high density of plants a lush and green garden is achieved early on from installation.


Site specific designs and plant selection

We believe vertical gardens deserve the same approach and attention to detail as traditional gardens. Layers, texture, contrast, color and blooming are factors we consider when creating vertical gardens that are more than simply green walls. Each design is based on the project-specific conditions. Choosing the right plants for the right location is key to ensure longevity of a living wall. We work with a large variety of species and believe biodiversity increase both aesthetic and functional quality. 


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    VGD’s landscape architect develops a CAD-based planting plan for each project. Local climate, sun exposure and architectural context are factors considered when selecting plants and drafting the plant arrangement.


The irrigation system is the heart of a vertical garden

We work with the latest generation of irrigation systems with automatic irrigation, fertilization and WiFi. This is a safe and reliable solution with a built-in alarm function continuously monitoring the irrigation cycles.


A lighting system to guarantee healthy plants

Indoor vertical gardens generally need supplemental lighting for plants to thrive. Few plants will survive light levels lower than 1000 lux and most need more to show proper growth. We can provide a lighting system or assist in the planning stage to achieve an adequate plant lighting solution.


The life span of a vertical garden

Long life span and low maintenance demands are an objective in every step of our project development. From initial planning to using quality materials that withstand exposure to the elements and selecting plants that thrive in the particular growing conditions on a vertical surface. A correct setup also involves using the right amount of fertilizer, water and light. Our oldest vertical garden still in use today was installed in 2007. If a vertical garden is well planned and maintained we don’t see a limit to its’ life span.



Maintenance normally consists of trimming of plants twice per year. Trimming maintains a more compact appearance and secures sufficient light exposure to all plants. Additional tasks include inspecting the irrigation system and keeping track of and treating any plant pests.