Pinnacle is a plant sculpture and freestanding vertical garden with plants on all sides. It can be individually shaped to create a unique landscape silhouette or a monolith.


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Green walls as spatial elements

As a freestanding structure Pinnacle enables vertical greenery in the middle of an open space, and not only confined to walls. It’s particularly suited to larger spaces with high ceilings like malls, building entrances, courtyards, public transport stations and similar locations. The spatial effect of Pinnacle is interesting and gives architects a living wall element to work with creatively.


Freestanding structure supporting the plants

Pinnacle can be installed inside or outside and has an automated irrigation- and fertilizer system. A core structure keeps it stable while allowing the outline of the green area to be shaped as desired.


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    Three recently installed Pinnacles in Lisbon. Plants cover all sides.

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    Pinnacles can be an interesting spatial feature as freestanding green walls.