Canopy is a suspended garden for making plant ceilings. Cascading plants hang down several meters and are irrigated automatically.


  • Canopy Vaxttak 2.jpg


A lightweight planting system for green ceilings

While vertical gardens has become a solution for how to fill walls with plants, Canopy now does the same for ceilings. Unlike regular planters that are quite heavy when filled with soil and water, we have developed Canopy as a lightweight system that can be attached to most ceilings. It also has a fully automated irrigation and fertilization system to minimize maintenance demands. Plant lighting is recommended in most indoor environments.


Cascading plants

With growing conditions similar to a vertical garden, epiphytic plants works best for this application and in particular species with a cascading growth form, creating transparent layers of plants hanging down from the ceiling.


  • Canopy plant ceiling light2.jpg

    The plant ceiling at night.

  • Canopy_Växttak_Plant ceiling.jpg

    Layers of cascading plants.

  • Canopy_plant ceiling 3.jpg

    Our Canopy gardens use similar plants and draw inspiration from the epiphytic communities often cascading from trees in the tropics. Costa Rica, 2013.