Rica Talk Hotel

Two vertical gardens at this Stockholm hotel.

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The second floor vertical garden next to the restaurant area.
Vertical garden around a door.
Nephrolepis, Philodendron, Pilea, Polypodium, Ludisia, Anthurium, Asparagus and Begonia are some of the genera in this part of the vertical garden.
Night view by the entrance to the hotel.
One of the openings in the green wall.

The garden at the hotel covers a similar area on the first (restaurant) and second (conference) floor. It is a quite irregular surface that offers an interesting integration of the plants with the surrounding space. There are several openings in the wall, allowing visitors to pass through the plants that gently hangs down. The area “inside” the garden consists of bathrooms and wardrobes, and on floor two there is also a small office entrance among the plants. The first floor connects to ground floor through a wide opening with stairs. Here plants have a lot of room to grow and allow for some larger species and cascading plants. The garden seamlessly integrates into this varied geometry.


The plant material is quite varied, with ferns like Polypodium, Pteris, Nephrolepis and Polystichum, several aroids, a few bromeliads, and many species of Begonia. All in all there is about a hundred species and cultivars on these two walls.