Replay Florence

Vertical garden in the new Replay concept store in Florence.

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Vertical garden in Florence, Italy.
Street view of Replay's vertical garden in Florence.
Giardino verticale, Firenze.
The vertical garden at Replay covers the height of two floors.
The vertical garden seen from the second floor.
Detail of the clothing display and vertical garden.

The project at the new Replay concept store in Florence was completed in spring 2009. The vertical garden is a part of an ecological theme developed by the architects. It covers a 7m high L-shaped wall in the 3-storey boutique.


The selection of plants garden is inspired by the undergrowth of a temperate forest, although as with any indoor garden the plants themselves are of mostly of tropical origin. There is a base of plants like Aglaonema, Philodendron, Syngonium and Microsorum. Common solitary plants here are Begonia, Asparagus and Peperomia - some that are flowering, others with special colored or textured leaves.



Il progetto nel nuovo concept store Replay di Firenze è stato completato nella primavera del 2009. Il giardino verticale è parte del tema ecologico sviluppato dagli architetti e si estende lungo una parete di 7 metri, con forma ad L, nei 3 piani della boutique.


La base è realizzata con piante a foglia di media dimensione, come Aglaonema,Philodendron, Syngonium, Microsorum, e altre felci. In questo quadro, ci sono specie solitarie con forti caratteri, come Begonia, Asparagus e Peperomia, alcune con fioritura, altre con particolari foglie colorate.