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Taiwan's climate and topography serves the vertical gardener well. In particular along the east coast were humidity is high and steep forest-covered mountains reach all the way to the sea. Climate ranges between tropical to subtropical, but there are also alpine zones with peaks at nearly 4000 meters. 


Coastal mountains in the South East.
Begonia sp., Walami trail Yushan National Park.
Arundo formosana, Malaolou trail, Chenggong.
Forest scenery on the outskirts of Yushan National Park.
Nanan river.
Ophiopogon sp., Chenggong.
Aglaomorpha coronans, Yushan National Park.
Asplenium nidus in Yushan National Park
Epipremnum pinnatum between Hualien and Taroko gorge. Below Asplenium nidus is cultivated.
Taroko gorge marble walls.
Alocasia macrorrhizos, Dulan mountain.
Freycinetia formosana, Dulan mountain.