Plants on buildings - Lisbon

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Also in the middle of cities plants can be found growing in soilless vertical locations. In particular deteriorated facades or old stonewalls offer suitable conditions. Here we look at some that grows on facades and walls in Lisbon, both native species as well as escaped garden cultivars.

Pelargonium sp on a small balcony of a long time bricked up facade.
Pteris vittata, native to tropical Africa, Asia and Australia.
Parietaria judaica should be the most common wall growing plant in Lisbon. Here profiting from the air-con condensation.
More Parietaria on one of Lisbon's typically tiled facades.
Unknown grass crowning a drainage pipe and securing water supply on a hot south facing wall.
Crithmum maritimum typically grows on costal cliffs. Here by the river Tejo.
Cymbalaria muralis is an Iberian native common on facades in this area.
One more Cymbalaria muralis.
Red stripes of Persicaria capitata, native to Asia but a fairly common ornamental here.
Polypodium cambricum can also be found growing as an epiphyte where humidity is sufficient.
Antirrhinum linkianum is common on facades here and flowers a long part of the year.
Aeonium arboreum is native to Canary Islands. Its a succulent and resists dry conditions quite well.
Centranthus ruber flowering in the outskirts of Lisbon.