Picu Urriellu

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Although located next to the Bay of Biscay and therefore frequently covered in mists or rain, the higher elevations of Picos de Europa has limited surface water and relatively few plants. As a limestone mountain the rock is water soluble and with time underground drainage systems develops to which surface water quickly infiltrates.


Picu Urriello is a bit over 2500 meters high. Most plants below are pictured at altitudes between 1500-2000 meter. Early July was a good time to visit as a lot of plants were flowering.

Silene acaulis with Pico Urriellu in the back.
Saxifraga trifurcata at lower elevation during cloudy morning hours.
Globularia repens as the sky cleared in the afternoon.
Arenaria purpurascens at dawn the following day.
Genista legionensis and another view of Pico Urriellu.
Lithodora diffusum.
At lower altitudes and in valleys it's very green on the contrary. Cloud cover over the ocean in the back.
More Genista while descending towards Bulnes.