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The mountainous and humid island of Madeira has inspiring vertical landscapes. Mountains are steep and most surfaces are covered in verdant greenery. In particular the deep gorges along the north coast that with a damp and cool climate provide a favorable environment for rock growing plants.

Coastal gorge close to Sao Vicente.
Waterfalls here are often flanked by Woodwardia radicans.
Unidentified grass commonly growing next to or even inside waterfalls.
Layers of greenery along a ravine.
Adiantum, Selaginella, Sibthorpia peregrina, liverwort.
Vegetated cliffs at Caldeirao Verde.
Caldeirao do Inferno.
Geranium maderense grows frequently along these shadowed trails.
Levada do Rei, Woodwardia radicans.
Usnea barbata at theCaldeirao Verde trail.
Laurel forest.