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Drakensberg is the highest segment of the Great Escarpment and forms Lesotho's eastern border with South Africa. While patches of forest remain in the valleys, the vegetation mostly consists of grasslands. There are not many epiphytes to be found, but instead plenty of rock growing plants.

Scenery along the Tugela gorge walk.
Merwilla plumbea with some traces of its' violet flowering. Royal Natal.
Merwilla plumbea again, Tugela gorge. Not flowering but it's quite impressive seeing such a large (10-15cm in diameter) and heavy bulb clinging on to bare rock. Flowering on the left what looks like Cyrtanthus epiphyticus.
Xerophyta longicaulis growing in the most vertical places of the Tugela gorge. Where there were less moisture plants were turning intensely orange/yellow.
Tugela river.
Begonia sutherlandii.
Talbotia elegans, close to Nandi Falls. This plant seemed quite versatile, growing both in exposed and more shadowed spots.
Ranunculus baurii below a waterfall.
Drakensberg forest, with the distinct Cussonia popping out.
The rustic Sani Pass leading into Lesotho.
Possibly Euryops acraeus, Sani Pass.
Delosperma obtusum.
Drakensberg from a distance.