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October 22nd 2014

Article in Portuguese newspaper Publico.

Landscape World vol 70

August 31st 2014

Three projects in Korean LW magazine.

Bergenia ciliata

May 03rd 2014

Uttarakhand, India.

Tillandsia fasciculata

February 21st 2014

A Tillandsia fasciculata close to Orosí.

How It Works
Home Hiw

Growing plants on a vertical surface has been possible after studies of natural vertical locations — places without soil where in nature there may be a great abundance of plant species. The technique imitates these locations, so it also function without soil, having the benefits of making the surface very light and easy to tailor to any geometry.

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Home Plants

Understanding the vertical growing environment is essential for a successful project and a vertical garden that will thrive for many years to come. Making the right selection of species is — apart from the aesthetic result — also decisive to the plant’s life span, their development and to the future demand of maintenance.

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